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Pudding pop!
I made this!
And it tastes great!
Chocolate + Vanilla
Guess who forgot she had 200+ photos on her phone she was planning to show you guys?


Yeah I'll upload later when I get time...
Also I have a lot of funny ideas I'll show you guys later...
Erin and Shada
Yep finally telling you guys about them.
Anyway not going to say a lot just know that they have a connection to Lynn. Anyway

Erin (one on the left)
Gender: Male
Species: Light Spirit
Relations: Lynn (bonded to)[explain later] Shada (Friend/enemy/possible lover?) Queen Light (mother)[will explain that later!]

Shada (one on the right)
Gender: Female
Species: Dark spirit
Relations: Lynn (bonded to)[explain later] Erin (Friend/enemy/possible lover?) King of Darkness (Father)[Will explaineth!]
Mark and Iris on a date...
And it's terrible.
Anyway that guy on the rights Mark a friend of hers (will explain about him later) anyway quick comic! (Also the 'fairy' in the last panel is Sparkle)
Also very hard to read so here.

1st panel:
Marks shirt: 😎

2nd panel:
Marks shirt: yeah
*starting up*

3rd panel:
Marks shirt: fuck
🎵I like big butts and I can not lie🎵

4th panel:
Marks shirt: shit shit shit shit
🎵You other brothers can't deny
When a girl walks in -

5th panel:

6th panel:
Sparkle: Wow.
Marks shirt: welp...
Also did I forget to mention that I'm at a parade?
Yeah guys I gots some bad news...

I won't be able to draw digitally for a month...

Of course I'm going to explain
I'm going to Louisiana for Mardi Gras next week which is already one week of me not drawing and then I'm going there for two weeks and let's see homework + terrible computer that can't even connect to my drawing tablet brought to you by grandma means I can't draw for those two weeks...and when I come back oh boy... It'll be the end of the weekend and I'll be tired as that's another week totaling up to four weeks=one month...

So yeah sorry guys...


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