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4 any 1 who now knowstheanswer to my stupid status :iconlbely:Lbely 4 17 Dragonals The Dark Ones :iconlbely:Lbely 3 4 A preview... :iconlbely:Lbely 0 10 I can... :iconlbely:Lbely 3 11
Slime Rp!
You can chose one of three characters to meet
(Or you can chose them all but you have to start with one of them!!!)
Here's a picture of all three of them!
And here are the scenarios!
You were walking out in the woods (or forest I don't care which really) and you see someone/something by a stream
You could ether
1. Say hi
2. Walk over to it
3. Attack I guess
4. Custom!
You saw a lovely flower patch/garden/or meadow and decided to look at the flowers you then see something/someone in the middle of the flowers
You could ether
1. Say hi
2. Walk up to her
3. Startle it
4. Custom!
You were walking around town when you passed by an alleyway and heard something
You could
1. Walk in looking for what caused the noise
2. Call out to see if someone's there
3. Throw something in the direction of the noise
4. Custom!
Now that's all for them now say what you want to happen, with which slime, and which scenario,
:iconlbely:Lbely 4 570
Pokemon ask 55 :iconlbely:Lbely 3 11
Ditzy's Tale
[Warning this contains mild gore (kinda...more or, holes, and a lot of bull crap sense these are just notes for a character I made, for this is just a plan for a future comic probably... Anyway enjoy!]
Ditzy:...Let me tell you all a story
About a mouse, name wait wrong script! Whoops!
Ditzy: Instead let me tell you all a story of not a mouse named Dilory but a little orphan named...Ditzy...well it wasn't her original name. For that was...unknown... Any who!
Ditzy: My life was a sad and...disturbing one...for I...may or may not of...made others insane...literally...
Ditzy: It all began long ago...
Ditzy: Ah the orphanage...It brings back the memories of being teased and being called a weirdo, little bitch, and ultimately my personal unwanted little MoNsTeR
Ditzy: So yeah I was hated...after all when you scramble back to the orphanage with your adoptive family DEAD you kinda get the title monster...
Ditzy: Oh! And don't get me wrong! I didn't kill them.
:iconlbely:Lbely 0 0
Moonlight :iconlbely:Lbely 5 9 Kitten :iconlbely:Lbely 0 0 Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!! :iconlbely:Lbely 1 4 Happy Hallow-ween :iconlbely:Lbely 4 5 Lynn :iconlbely:Lbely 3 0 Ema :iconlbely:Lbely 2 0 Shiny Colorblind Mimikyu Comic :iconlbely:Lbely 3 15 Rra :iconlbely:Lbely 1 2 Pokemon Ask 54 :iconlbely:Lbely 3 13


old sketch again :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 11 0 Shark no like baths :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 10 0 playing with Mat's hair :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 10 0 Hope Ref :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 5 0 I really like drawing Hope :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 7 3 Happy Easter :iconprincess-of-zombies:Princess-Of-Zombies 10 11 BATIM-Sammy's Suggestions :iconvelatina-young:Velatina-young 21 14 Into a place where thoughts can bloom :icondaycolors:Daycolors 256 13 ~Amyplier - Her asstronaut is out of this world~ :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 2,298 96 titsprit :iconheges:Heges 60 3 no 3DS required :iconquantumjinx:QuantumJinx 170 40 Sky Wanderer :icondeannaphantom13:DeannaPhantom13 5 1 if you gave me a chance- :iconanimegirl270:animegirl270 44 13 this dude is rad :iconanimegirl270:animegirl270 29 10 were not the same :iconanimegirl270:animegirl270 27 2 time just stopped :iconanimegirl270:animegirl270 35 15


Ok frankly I'm not letting enough steam. So I'll just sleep...or mumble everything until then I mean it worked the other times...
Just counted.
I have 27 asks...

How to fix this without spending my entire weekend attempting to fix this...
Ever feel like that you bottled up so much hate to the point it overflows and leaks all over the place?

Yeah and it's the reason I can't say anything without something negative.
And it's also the reason why I'm making these status I mean the hate is about to blow and this is the closest to letting off steam that I can get...
I know how to make someone feel bad just by opening my mouth...and frankly
Hey guys even though I don't upload much I do make some stupid videos like memes and stuff but ether way follow me on Tumblr!


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